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Nov 22 13 10:29 AM

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Give a patient meds & he will medicate for a day !
Teach a patient to grow & he will medicate for life !™®

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Jun 11 14 12:28 PM

There's more to making cannabis oil, if you plan to recommend it for use to fight Cancer or help Epilepcy patients for example

Gotta know your stuff folks.  If a person has cancer for instance, the oil needs to be high in THC, if they only have little time it should be very high, CBD and other cannabinoids are important but the patient is trusting you to give them what will give them their best chance at life.  See This Video, it's a must. Note that the video has multiple segments and therefore be sure to see them all.

The Rick Simpson site has some updated info, but Rick's not a doctor.  Naptha and Iso alc and toxic 5 gal buckets are not the way to go.  He now acknowledges that cannabinoids need to be isolated to treat patients.

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