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What plants should I grow if I want to sell lots of good weed more for recreational use when buying clones or seeds, need to consider growth size, yield, etc ... Popular strains, that's easy;  Super Lemon Haze, OG Kush, Chemdawg, Grape Ape, G13, Bubba Kush, Headband, Skunk, Girl Scout Cookie, etc... Some good for medical use, but not necessarily the best choises for medicine.

What about Medical Marijuana... If a caregiver is one who wishes to produce high quality Medical Marijuana full intending on using it for medicine, then there is a lot more to consider. Most caregivers, I am one, are rookies when it comes to understanding how one can best help a patient, each different person and different disease requires a different amount of the different medicines or cannabinoids that are in the marijuana.  If you have a cancer patient for instance, High THCa and THC are very important as well as many of the other meds in the plant. Low THC and High CBD and other meds in the plant is important for Epilepsy. Now if a person suffers from anxiety, too much THC may cause problems. There's far too much to detail in this message, however, a friend who has severe epilepsy and uses cannabis oil and is very knowledgeable and has a lab, recommended that this video is a must for people looking to use or provide medical marijuana products. After watching only a few episodes I knew I needed to share it with others to curtail folks from wasting, time, money and perhaps lives lost due to ignorance. Share it with all the caregivers and patients and use it to educate the general public as well. I just spoke with a woman with stage 4 breast cancer and she was only looking for cannabis to smoke to help with nausea, sleep and pain as recommended by her doctor. She didn't know that Cannabis could actually cause cancer cells to cut off their own blood supply, killing themselves essentially. People need to be made aware before more lives are lost unnecessarily.  So whatch the entire video and consider your patients needs and go shopping for clones and seeds.  Good Luck.

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