Oct 28 14 8:39 PM

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INGREDIENTS 1- stick cana butter, 1- 8oz package cream cheese 1- 15 ounce package Oreo cookies finely crushed (about 36 cookies) – divided 1- package vanilla flavored almond bark or white chocolate chips (I used the vanilla almond bark with good results) DIRECTIONS Start by crushing one package of Oreo cookies (do not buy Double Stuff Oreos, just plain ole’ Oreos will do the trick) by using a rolling pin, or a food processor. Reserve a tablespoon or two of the crushed Oreos to be used as garnish. Mix one package of cream cheese and one stick cana butter in with the remaining crushed Oreos until blended well. Shape mixture into around 36-40 balls Refrigerate balls for around an hour to help firm them up. This will make them much easier to work with for the next step. Melt your almond bark or white chocolate chips and begin the process of dipping each Oreo ball into the chocolate. Using two forks during this step will help you get the balls coated evenly. After coating 1-2 balls in almond bark, sprinkle some of the crushed Oreos on top of each truffle (you reserved these during step 1). This is what makes them look all fancy!
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