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Aug 20 12 9:52 AM

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Medicated GUMMIES

    Now that you’ve finished reading my instructional blog on dry ice extraction, you’re probably looking for an awesome recipe to use your kief. Gummy candy is one of the easiest things I’ve made, recently, and it should be no problem for any provider to whip up a batch of these medibles for their patients with specific needs.
You’ll need a large box of Jello, a box (4 packets) of gelatine, 1/2 cup water and however much hash you want in the end product. I use some candy molds shaped like tiki gods, but you could easily use ice cube trays to make individual candies.

Ingredients . . . Jell-O, gelatine, hash, glycerin and water

Mix your Jello and gelatine packs (all four of them) in a small sauce pan, then stir in the 1/2 cup of water.

Mix the gelatine and Jell-O in a small sauce pan, then add 1/2 cup water

I have glycerin tincture on hand, so I just heated up a tablespoon for 20 seconds in the microwave and added my hash to it. I mash it all up and stir well to create a nice paste that will evenly distribute in the gummy mixture when stirred in. If you’re out of glycerin, just use a bit of oil, but not too much as it doesn’t mix as well.

Hash with glycerin to make a paste.

Next up, stir in the hash/glycerin paste to the gummy mixture.

Adding hash/glycerin paste to gummy mixture

I stir this mixture over medium heat until the texture no longer feels grainy on the spoon, then it’s ready to remove from the heat.

Stirring the hash into the gummy mixture over medium heat.

This recipe makes 20 gummies based on the size of my candy molds, so dosing is super simple. After you portion out the hot mixture into the mold, you let it cool for 15 minutes in the freezer or 25-30 in the fridge, then peel the candy out of the mold by pressing your (gloved) finger in the middle of the candy and loosening the edge, then you can grab the whole thing and gently pull it out of the mold.

Portion the hot gummy mixture into candy molds

These gummies are 250 mg each, a low dose for me, but maybe too strong for many people. Dosing is so important to a patient’s ability to understand and search for similar results from other resources. I think I’d really be hard-pressed to spend my money on a medible that didn’t have dosing info so I knew how much to take. If you’ve never eaten too much cannabis, it can be an unpleasant experience, and I think we can all start doing our part to let patients know how much of what they’re getting in their meds. Furthermore, there’s nothing more frustrating than being told that the dose will be effective, only to find that you’ve spent $5 on something that isn’t strong enough.
Oh, dear, I got a little sidetracked. Anyway, the math goes like this – if you end up with 20 gummies and each of them is 250mg, then there are 5000 mg, or 5 grams of hash in the recipe. So, if you prefer a lighter dose, try 3 grams for 20 150mg gummies, or 1.5 grams for 20 75mg gummies. Lime Jello tastes best with the strongest doses, and I have found that peach really isn’t a good flavor on this recipe, but that could be my flavor preference.

Finished product, these gummies have 250 mg of hash in each!

So, there ya go, friends, no need to rely on others when you can do it all yourself. Just leaves you with one little thing to acquire on your own . . . and I can’t help you there. But I might know a guy. ;)

Give a patient meds & he will medicate for a day !
Teach a patient to grow & he will medicate for life !™®

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